Electric Stacker CTQB


  • Capacity from 1.0t-2.0t, lift height(1t-1.5t) 1.6m-5.0m, 2ton from 1.6m-3.0m
  • Simple structure,easy to maintain and repair.
  • Long operation handle allows more light steering.
  • Horizontal driving wheel,electromagnetic brake.
  • CURTIS controller, MAHLE hydraulic motor.
  • Safety features include a horn and belly reverse button.
  • Bias type, middle driving type, straddle leg can be optional per your request
  • Automatic battery charger,battery voltage indicator.
  • Integral strong chassis with alloy steel insert legs.

Various capacity meet your requirement, 1.0t/1.2t/1.5/2.0t.

Bais walkie type, operator has very good overview.

Middle drive type and straddle type are optional.

Use lead-acid battery, long battery lift and working time.

Product Description

Electric Stacker CTQB - Car Lift