Electric Pallet Truck CBD

Advantages Progressiveness:

  • AC Driving motor and controller uses the most advanced foreign brands, to ensuring the smooth running of precise, vehicle
  • with regenerative braking ramp, anti slip, motor maintenance free function
  • Lifting motor, hydraulic power unit, an operating handle, a power plug , power display main parts list and chronograph all
  • adopt famous brand products.
  • Suspension design using drive system, ensure the wheel and the ground contact good, the steering handiness, comfortable
  • operation.

Stability ,Safety, reliability:

  • The vehicle adopts 5 fulcrum design, including elastic mounted driving wheel, excellent stability.
  • Release acceleration button, the automatic braking, with ramp anti slide function, to ensure safe operation.
  • The two sides of the guard rail can effectively protect the safety of the operator.
  • Emergency power-off switch as standard,

Product Description

Electric Pallet Truck CBD