Electric Forklift FB 30/35

Features :

  • power transmission system. overhead guard and truck frame all use dual suspension structure,Which can weaken the vibration transferred from power system wheel, control lever and seat , thus making the operator feel more comfortable during operation.
  • Mast cylinder lowering With buffering system: shock absorber steering axle with low noise. All of seal kits imported from Japan ( NOK), transmission and working system have low noise.
  • With regenerative brake in reversing mode and regular brake pedal use, truck can be braked after foot leaving the pedal. reduce operator efforts and improve the brake life, The optional of third safety pedal to reduce the driving speed while stacking and steering application.
  • Wide view mast. clear visibility.
  • Low height access step with wide steel non slip plate for easy entry and exit.
  • Cowl-mounted hydraulic levers design offers big operation space.
  • Adjustable tilt steering column offers the most comfortable operator position
  • Seat With safety belt and arm rest (The optional Of Grammar or suspension type).
  • High-friction brake shoes are fee Of asbestos.
  • With reverse mirror, front work light and back work light group.

Product Description

Electric Forklift FB 30/35 - Car Lift